On Saturday, September 23rd, the Developmental Preschool held its annual family outing to the Phoenix Children’s Museum, supporting September’s “Marvelous Me” curriculum unit.

All activities and exhibits at the museum are child-friendly and hands-on. Students enjoyed taking their vehicles through the car wash, selling hotdogs and ice cream, climbing in the treehouse, dressing up, racing cars, running through the noodle forest, and so much more! In collaboration with the Phoenix Children’s Museum, families could purchase tickets for their families with discounted pricing. There were 116 children in attendance, with 245 people in total.

The Developmental Preschool team organizes about one family event per month, supporting the curriculum unit of that month. Students are able to apply knowledge and concepts learned in the classroom to the real world around them. It’s a great opportunity for students, teachers and therapists to continue to build relationships with each other, as well as for families to connect with one another.