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Start Time8:30 a.m.
Dismissal3:30 p.m.
Half Day Dismissal12:30 p.m.
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Laveen Elementary School practices Mindfulness
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003_Caplinger_Robert_01It is my sincere pleasure to serve as the Principal of Laveen Elementary School.  Our staff is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment that strives to create and maintain rigor, relevance, and relationships within a safe and respectful environment.

We will continue to review and develop an educational program that “raises the bar” for students. Our offerings will be academically challenging and will engage students by connecting what they learn at school to what matters most to them in life.

Our staff places strong emphasis on professional collaboration so that students are receiving the best instruction possible.  We believe that all students have the ability to succeed both academically and personally and look forward to working with students and their families to accomplish this goal.

We are a “Mindful Leadership” school. Mindful leadership is about developing mental and emotional strength in kids. As our students become mindful leaders, they will develop the knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and exponential change.

Your involvement is needed and wanted at Laveen Elementary.  I hope that you will choose to participate in classroom activities and school-wide events.  Together, we will continue to make Laveen Elementary School a great place for kids!

Dr. Robert Caplinger, Laveen School Principal


Laveen Elementary School
4141 W. McNeil Street
Laveen, Arizona 85339-9805
OFFICE 602-237-9110
FAX 602-237-9134

Why choose Laveen Elementary?


Laveen Elementary School is a “mindful school,” named a 2019 Exemplary Title 1 School by the Arizona Department of Education and awarded the 2018 Arizona School Board’s Golden Bell Award for the most promising school program of the year.

Mindfulness is about developing mental and emotional strength in children. As our students become more mindful, they develop the knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and exponential change. Laveen Elementary School strives to educate and empower all of its students to do their personal best by making responsible choices that positively affect their mind, body and spirit.

Components of the Laveen mindfulness program include: weekly yoga sessions before school for students and families, teachers trained in mindful breathing techniques, a mindful “reset room” for students, and school counselors trained by In addition, “Second Step,” a social-emotional learning program equipped to help children thrive, is offered at all grade levels each week.

At Laveen Elementary School we inspire growth and maturity from the “inside out” by cultivating awareness, resilience and compassionate action.


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